The Iconic Restaurant Coaster

Restaurant coaster pagers have transformed the way restaurants manage the waiting lists of theirs. Now restaurant cell phone pagers have become the technological evolution in coaster pagers. Before restaurant coaster pagers host staff members called out guest names over a PA system or even hollered out their names across the bar or even lobby. This process was, and still is, ineffective and frowned upon by visitors. The advancement of blink, beep and also vibrating guest pagers when a table is prepared altered the company, currently the cellular phone made it happen once again. Restaurants will no longer require expensive coaster pagers to notify visitors when their table is prepared. Guests find greater satisfaction using their very own individual restaurant cell pager or maybe restaurant text pager, it affords them greater independence and enjoyment while they wait i.e. apps, games, texting and calls.

Building upon the restaurant guest pager concepts restaurant cell phone pagers are starting to click resources that are popular with visitors and with restaurant owners alike. And for great reason, restaurant cell paging methods provide the following leading ten benefits:

You will find more than 272 million cell phone subscribers in the USA, absolutely no need to change a coaster pager ever again.

The sole requirement is access to the web using a web enabled POS, small laptop, iTouch or maybe iPad to hook up to the internet hosted application. Unlike a visitor pager transmitter the net allowing devices (i.e. laptop, POS) offer better utility if you are not handling the wait list of yours. For instance, the small net book could be used to have inventory, enter the meals order or even upgrade the menu. Better yet distribute a mobile advertising plan to generate traffic. I think your restaurant guest pager system cannot do almost all that.

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