Cotton Napkins – How You Can Make Cloth Napkins

Among the simplest sewing tasks is making cotton napkins. With only a couple of initial supplies, you are able to create this particular eco-friendly item that not merely is reusable, but stylish also.

Supplies needed:

Sewing machine

Sewing Instructions:

Dry and pre-wash the fabric of yours to eliminate any existing sizing from the cloth (sizing is a finish on clothing which can dull your needle); and additionally to pre shrink your fabric so the stitches of yours will not pucker the very first time you clean the napkins of yours.

Determine what shape and size you would like the napkins of yours to be. An eight inch square is a pleasant size. Make use of a tape measure and also the tailor’s chalk or perhaps marking pen mark away on the fabric of ours the sizes you have resolved for the napkins of yours.

Cut out the napkins of yours. You are able to fold the fabric of yours in half to cut 2 napkins at a time, or maybe fold over once again to cut four napkins simultaneously. Remember the greater number of levels of fabric you cut through, the much more likely the cloth is shifting and the napkin sizes of the shoes of yours won’t all be the exact same.

With your sewing machine stitch placed to zig zag along with a brief stitch length, make use of a scrap of the fabric of yours to sew along the tips to test the stitch of yours. Adjust the zig zag width until it is the manner in which you would like it. The thought is designed for the zig zag to become closer together to complete the advantage of the napkin to prevent fraying.

Sew along the edge of every napkin with the zig zag stitch of yours.


You are able to fold across the edge of the napkin 1/4 inch, then media with an iron. Next fold once again another 1/4 inch so no cut tips are showing, stitch near the folded edge with a straight stitch to make a thoroughly clean edge for every napkin.


If you’ve a serger machine, you are able to in addition serge across the tips of every napkin to complete the edges.