About California Marijuana

Some of the most popular strains of California marijuana are Sour Diesel, New Purple Power, Australian Blue, Hawaiian Sativa, Trainwreck, Very Berry Haze, Malawi Gold, Kali Mist and Buddah’s Sister, although there are also many more including, AK-47, Purple Diesel, Hawaiian Kona Gold, Black Afghan and White Russian just to name a few.

Sativa plants are taller than their Indica cousins and have bigger yields, and even though it produces more, the quality is usually not as good as the Indica strains. Sativa is more of a head high and is better for social occasions than the Indica. Sativa strains can take up to a month or two longer than their Indica cousin to mature and be ready for harvest. But it can be worth the wait when you find a really great strain that you love.

Sativa strains have higher levels of THC than of CBD which gives it an uplifting head high instead of the couch gluing body high of the Indica strains. With this kind of head high you are more likely to get a roaring case of the giggles and laughs than a nice nap that you can get with Indica.

Sativa plants are more difficult to grow indoors due to the height that they can reach but it can be done by topping the plants when they start to outgrow their space and in this way you not only curb the plants height but you will also end up with a stockier, sturdier plant than you would had you grown it outdoors. This will also increase your yields even more than usual for a high yielding Sativa strain.

Overall the Sativa strain is slightly lower in quality than the Indica strain but it will give a much larger harvest especially if you can grow it indoors with a low ceiling, and do so effectively.