Updated... March 17th, 2015

SCCA Adds another Event

to the CNB Bank Raceway Park Schedule




Sports Car Club of America adds 4th Event to CNB Bank Raceway Park in 2015

The SCCA announced an addition to their 2015 Schedule making Sunday September 13th the fourth event they will hold at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA during the year.

"I'm getting a lot of interest from around the region with these SCCA Events and we are excited to have them add one more to the schedule," said Tim Bainey Jr. "The opportunity for individuals to drive their own sports cars at the CNB Bank Raceway Park with the SCCA is going to bring a whole new level of interest to our region."  

The SCCA AutoCross Events that focus on High Performance Precision Driving, the very foundation of the Sports Car Club of America tradition.

These events will take place on May 24th, June 21st, and August 16th, and Sept 13th.

Participants run a preset course, with a scoring system based on overall time along with deductions for hitting cones, stepping off course, and following the guidelines. You can find out all the details and more about these events on the SCCA website at http://www.scca-cpr.org/cms/index.php/autocross/information.

We will be posting more info on the SCCA Events in the upcoming weeks.



SCSCS Opens the Door to Potential New Competitors in 2015


Once again, changes in other series have brought inquiries and requests to Super Cup Stock Car Series officials to permit deviations from the established and proven rules package which would allow new competitors to join the series.  SCSCS officials are announcing that on a limited and restricted basis, former Pro Cup competitors will be permitted to bring their existing car to SCSCS races.


“Managed growth has allowed the SCSCS to consistently offer a level of affordable competition while also minimizing impact to our members, family, and business responsibilities,” says series director Joe Schmaling.  “We recognized the need to consider what are the minimum requirements/changes necessary that could permit these teams to enter our series without losing our identity or creating a negative impact to our current full-time competitors or sponsors such as PFG, one of our longtime sponsors from the very beginning and supplier of the nose and tail panels used in the series.”


Our policy has been to let them look and then get like us, within reason.  Currently, the group of cars that are available and indicating an interest in moving to SCSCS are former Pro Cup competitors.  I have always tried to keep an open mind about the cars and teams in our series.  For example, from the beginning, we had provisions to permit the old “Busch” cars to race, however none ever came.  Additionally, we also opened the door to permit former “Nationwide” cars and two came.”


Permission to race in the SCSCS will be granted on a limited case by case basis.  Interested parties should contact SCSCS series director Joe Schmaling at 828-768-3589 or via email at scscs@att.net for further details.  Whereas maintaining car count is absolutely the single most important thing to the SCSCS, the series extends the invitation for new competitors while also remaining committed to the core group of racers, as well as sponsors, who have consistently supported and competed in series events through the years.


Super Cup Stock Car Series Announces Change in Tire Supplier 

Skyland, North Carolina – At this past weekend’s Motorsports 2015 Racecar and Trade Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center a special announcement was made about the tires that will be utilized in the Super Cup Stock Car Series. 

Beginning with the season opener at CNB Bank Raceway Park (PA) in May, the American Racer EC-82 economy compound will be the tire of choice.  The supplier, Lias Tire based out of Indiana, Pennsylvania, will help with a mix of new and used tires to continue with the legacy of affordability in the series.

 “Our teams wanted to make the change at the first race in order to get used to the differences,” said Director of Competition Joe Schmaling.  “We expect that a new set of tires will have a very long life just like the (previously utilized) BFGoodrich’s had and be very cost effective for our teams.”

 The tire was tested at Motordrome Speedway with Lou Ansel in 2014 and it was determined that a used tire will run as fast as a new one after about 30 laps with proven durability for the distance of any race on the schedule and beyond.

 The new tire will add an extra element to the strategy in several ways as well.

 “I think it's a great idea and the new tire will take us back to the days where the tire is a lot less forgiving,” said 2014 series champion JJ Pack.  “It will make the teams work a little harder on their setups to keep the tires under them longer.”

 In addition, there will continue to be some cost limiting measures in place.  To keep competition even, teams that purchase new tires on race day must practice a set number of laps prior to the start of the feature.  Also, there will be a restriction on the number of new tires that can be purchased over the length of a season.

 Affordability is what keeps several of the core competitors coming back race after race and year after year.

 “I think it’s a good move for the series,” said Kevin Kromer, whose son Kyle’s car was on display at the Motorsports show with the American Racer tires.  “The best part about it is we have control of our tires from the first lap to the last lap.”

 The final pieces to the puzzle continue to fit into place for the 2015 Super Cup Stock Car Series season, which is set to begin in only a few short months.

 Fans can continue to follow along with preseason happenings at the official web site www.supercupstockcarseries.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SCSCSRacing, and now on Twitter @SCSCSRacing


SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) to hold 3 Events at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in 2015

We are sure you’ve heard of it – and now you can be a part of it – the SCCA is coming to the CNB Bank Raceway Park in 2015.

The SCCA will be running a series of AutoCross Events that focus on High Performance Precision Driving, the very foundation of the Sports Car Club of America tradition.

These events will take place on May 24th, June 21st, and August 16th.

“We are very excited to have the SCCA coming to the CNB Bank Raceway Park,” said Tim Bainey Jr. “I think this is something that a lot of people will enjoy as we work to grow it at the Speedway. My wife and I had the pleasure of going to one last year and it was great!”

“And contrary to what many people think - you don’t have to bring a BMW, Corvette, or brand new Mercedes out to run. They have a nationally developed handicap scoring system for nearly every make and mode of car to be able to compete against each other in these events and it is a lot of fun!”

Participants run a preset course, with a scoring system based on overall time along with deductions for hitting cones, stepping off course, and following the guidelines. You can find out all the details and more about these events on the SCCA website at http://www.scca-cpr.org/cms/index.php/autocross/information.

We will be posting more info on the SCCA Events in the upcoming weeks.


Click on the Image Below to Visit the SCCA WEBSITE and learn more about the Events




A History of the Super Cup Stock Car Series...

(a nice story as we look forward to 2015)


Chapter One

About a year ago a rumbling started in the short track world.  Talk about a touring series that was affordable started to circulate.  With interest growing and costs escalating out of control the time was right.  Major changes year after year forced teams to withdraw from USAR.  The time had come to get back to the basic idea of running the cars that you already had.  Several people were interested in a low cost series and came together to make it happen.  The time for talking was over, and the time for doing was here.


On October 13th 2007 Hickory Motor Speedway was chosen for an exhibition race.  Teams from as far away as Iowa and Pennsylvania came to compete.  Fifteen cars showed up for a 50 lap trophy dash.  Dexter Canipe Jr. of Newton NC. won the race.





Bainey Family Back in 2015

Super Cup Stock Car Series Signed for 3 Events

Tim Bainey Jr back in charge at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield

The Bainey family announced they will return as owners of the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield effective immediately with Tim Bainey Jr back and taking charge of the effort.

“I’m excited to announce that we are back and have everything in place for what I am sure will be some of the most exciting events ever at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA,” said Tim Jr.

“My family has a lot of commitments between our different businesses, and that is what made us decide to sale in 2012. The last few years have been really tough on “local racing” in general… dirt and asphalt. But with that in mind I feel like there is no better time than right now to put these things together and set a plan in place that will give us a GREAT PLACE to go and lots of fun for years to come at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA!”

“We have one of the biggest and nicest racing facilities in this part of the country and there is no doubt we live in an area where - dirt or asphalt – street, backroads, drags, or even go-karts – the kind of people who live in this part of the country just love the idea of racing in general and we need to be able to bring them all together in a place where they can enjoy themselves, have a great time, and create those kind of memories that someday they will be telling their grandkids about… and that is exactly what we are going to do!”

“We’ve been working very hard the last few months to get things in line, and we have some REALLY exciting announcements that we will be releasing over the next few weeks. The all new Street Wars deal is going to be awesome, but we will share those details soon. We are excited to kick things off with announcing our new deal with the Super Cup Stock Car Series for 3 Events in 2015.”

Super Cup Stock Car Series signed for 3 Events at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA in 2015

The Super Cup Stock Car Series has announced a long term partnership with the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA in a venture that will see them make 3 appearances at the speedway in 2015.


“I believe Super Cup Stock Car Series is the key to the future of Asphalt Racing in this part of the country,” said speedway president Tim Bainey Jr. in a short interview.


“Local racing as most of us have always remembered it just isn’t a real option anymore for fans, drivers, or tracks. I hate to say it, but that’s just a fact. People don’t have the time or the money (or both) to be able to do it week in and week out with the way the costs have just climbed to the crazy levels they have anymore. That is why we decided to get so involved with the Super Cup Stock Car Series.”


“The series promotes itself as ‘Racing the way it used to be’ which is exactly what people need. It is an affordable way to have fun, in a great atmosphere, with good competition, and set up in a way that resembles what Nascar Racing was a few years ago when it was so popular. The series really has it all and that is why I am making a personal commitment to helping bring this series to our region.”


“I invite anyone who might be interested in buying a car for the series to personally call me (or email info@cnbbankracewaypark.com), I really believe it is that good. The series uses old Nascar Nationwide, Busch, or Cup style cars. Surprisingly I know many of the guys in the series who bought race ready cars – engines, transmissions, seats, shocks, and all - anywhere from $8,000 on the low end to maybe $18,000 on the high end. And with the way the series runs on ‘old/used’ race tires, it really makes it an equal playing field where they keep you from “outspending” the next guy. Anyone who has seen a Super Cup Race will tell you they are very exciting and competitive to watch.”

“My idea is that local racers right here in our region can go out and buy one of these cars. On a side note - I think its pretty cool to know that you are racing a car that at one time probably ran a Nascar race at Bristol, or Atlanta, maybe even Daytona – who knows. But you buy a car – knowing you can run it right here in Clearfield 3 times a year in events that are planned, laid out, and ran just like a Nascar Event. They have a 2 hour practice session, then Qualifying Time Trials, and a Main Event that follows closely along the guidelines of a Cup Race (double file restarts, lucky dog passes, etc).”

“Now you run Clearfield 3 times a year, but that doesn’t have to be all – you can take this same car and go to any of the series other National Events if you want. You could run CNB 3 times, and go to Jennerstown 2 times. You would keep your travel costs down, and run more laps in those 5 events that you would if you ran a full season in a street stock or late model at the local dirt or asphalt tracks in the past. If you want – load up the crew and head out of state for one of the series other events in Virginia, North Carolina, or wherever you want.”

“And that will also help a great deal in getting sponsors involved with your team. A local company will see value in Clearfield, but a bigger company might say I want to do Jennerstown as well. An even bigger one could say lets do a little in Ohio, or maybe lets do them all. It has real value all the way around.”

“Even if you ran the series full time, the events are spaced at 1-2 times per month, so you can still enjoy a lot of your summer weekends doing other things with the family (cookouts, little league games, parades, fairs, maybe some Friday Night Drag Racing at CNB Bank Raceway). It allows the family to still enjoy racing, but keep everyone happy and at the same time not go completely broke on racing.”

“And it gets better on the cost side. The parts for these cars are easy to pick up used from cup and nationwide teams for a fraction of what they cost new. A-arms, rear ends, brakes, suspension parts, hoses, fuel cells, all of it – the people within this series have the connections to get you whatever it is you need and they are just really a great group of racers to be around. Even if you currently have a dirt street stock or another asphalt car, some of those engines are comparable to what the series runs and you might be able to transfer a lot of your stuff over to one of these chassis and do it with very little expense.”

“So for all of these reasons and more, I am personally inviting racers from around the region to take a serious look and consider being a part of the Super Cup Stock Car Series. Give me a call and I will do whatever I can personally to help get you on track. I am really looking forward to seeing this grow in a way that will keep racing affordable for those of us who love it – long into the future.”